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Safari Club International is helping feed
hundreds of Houston’s homeless.

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$5.6 Billion and Counting . . .


  • Federal excise taxes and hunting licenses have generated $5.6 billion in support of wildlife conservation since 1939, saving many species from the brink of extinction including swans, bighorn sheep, elk, ducks, whitetail deer, and wild turkeys. For example, there were only 100,000 turkeys in 1939, now there are over 7 million. In Africa, where white rhinos numbered less than 50 in 1900, there are now over 20,000.

  • Since 1934 hunters’ purchase of over $750 million in Federal Duck Stamps has funded protection of over 6 million acres of wetland habitat. Ducks Unlimited (many of which are SCI members) alone has preserved over 13 million acres of waterfowl habitat since 1937.

  • According to a National Geographic report, those same taxes and licenses have generated over $2 billion and account for 75% of states’ wildlife agency budgets, on average (it’s over 80% in Texas).

  • In Africa and other foreign hunting destinations trophy fees is a major source of funding for wildlife preservation, including anti-poaching enforcement like the Dande Anti-Poaching Unit in Zimbabwe (shown left). SCI Houston has helped fund that organization.

Hunters Feed the Hungry



SCI HOUSTON donated over 100lbs of processed venison to the Star of Hope today with help from our good friends at R&D Processing. 

  • The SCI Foundation (SCIF) Sportsmen Against Hunger program has donated more than 1.5 million pounds of venison to feed the hungry since 2003. Locally, SCI Houston supports the Star of Hope Mission, serving over 300 of Houston’s homeless each year with member-donated venison, plus a $2500 annual donation.

  • Chapter members also participate in the SCIF SafariCare ‘Blue Bag Brigade’ program, delivering much needs supplies and equipment to needy villagers, orphans, schools, and clinics since 2005.

  • The SCIF SafariWish program has treated more than 700 disabled hunters to assisted hunting experiences. SCI Houston has supported that as well as Veterans Outdoors, Wounded Warriors and Hunts for Heroes trips, and just started our own Heroes Outdoors program.

     In partnership with local outfitters, SCI Houston has donated tens of thousands of dollars to the Zumbo region of Mozambique for a water pumping station, building schools, a prenatal clinic and more.

  • SCI Houston has also supported local entities like Operation OrphansSam Houston Area Council Boy Scouts, Women Helping Women, Texas Parks and Wildlife, hurricane relief and more.

Worldwide Efforts


  • SCI supports educational efforts worldwide on the importance of sustainable wildlife management to the economy of developing nations. Respected groups like the World Wildlife Federation (WWF) and International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) recognize that legal and effectively regulated hunting has demonstrable environmental and community benefits.
  • SCI Houston donates thousands of dollars annually to the Rifa Conservation Camp in Zimbabwe, teaching urban children the longterm value and importance of wildlife conservation through sustainable hunting.
  • For over a decade SCI Houston’s Youth Hunter Education Program has provided, at no charge, TPWD hunter education certification to nearly 2000 students. More info HERE.
  •  The SCI Foundation (SCIF) American Wilderness Leadership School (AWLS) has offered an accredited conservation education program to nearly 6,000 teachers since 1976, who reach more than a million students annually. More than 1,700 students have attended as well. 
Advocating for the Hunter


  • State governments that invest in access, habitat-improvements and programs in support of hunting and angling receive more in return via tax revenues, jobs, tourism and other economic benefits.
  • According to the latest figures available, in Texas alone hunters and anglers accounted for over $4 billion in retail sales, accounting for approximately 66 thousand jobs, over $66 billion in wages, over $400 million in state and local taxes, and $539 million in federal taxes.
  • SCI First for Hunters is a 501(c)4 hunter advocacy organization, and SCI-PAC is the largest hunter-driven Political Action Committee that supports only pro-sportsmen candidates. Our DC office includes attorneys and wildlife biologists working 24/7 on behalf of all hunters and retains effective lobbyists. Click HERE for the latest news.
  • 73% of Americans approve of hunting, and since 2000 alone SCI First for Hunters has spent $140 million protecting the freedom to hunt via state and federal policy advocacy, litigation and education.
  • Since 1979, SCI First for Hunters has spent nearly $300 million on hunter advocacy and wildlife conservation.

Up-Coming Initiatives

2019 Fundraiser – August 10, 2019

2019 Fundraiser – August 10, 2019

2019 SCI Houston Fundraiser & Banquet August 10, 2019 Exhibit Time: 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm Meet & Greet Cocktail Hour: 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm Complimentary Beer & Wine   Humble Civic Center & Arena Complex 8233 Will Clayton ParkwayHumble, Texas 77338 ...

2019 Chapter FishingTournament

2019 Chapter FishingTournament

LET’S GO FISHING with SCI Houston and Out Cast Charters! We’ve lined up a Chapter Fishing Tournament and hope you’ll join us for a chance to win awards for biggest fish, smallest fish and most fish (including trophies and up to $500 worth of bucket raffle...

Youth Hunter Education Program

Youth Hunter Education Program

Our YOUTH HUNTER EDUCATION PROGRAM has provided TPWD Hunter Education Certification for nearly 2000 students free of charge thanks to the sponsors below since 2004. Students must be 9 years of age to receive certification, but students as young as 6 may take the...

Outfitters Report – August 2020

Outfitters Report – August 2020

Outfitters Report James Jeffrey – Lost Horizon Outfitters 2020 has been a tough year for our friends and outfitters, but 2021 is already shaping up to be a phenomenal year. With little pressure and harvest on game animals this season, next year should be one for the...

Past & Upcoming Events

Past & Upcoming Events

Events Report Michael O'Day – Events Chairman Well, going back to the beginning of the year seems to only be just yesterday. The Chapter had just held our Outfitters night, and everyone was getting ready and thinking about our upcoming Annual Fundraiser along with...

Hunts – August 2020

Hunts – August 2020

Hunts, Lies, and Beer Talk Kent Robinson – Past Chapter President/Current Director SCI Houston Chapter Proprietor- Texafari Outdoors My goodness, it has been years since I last penned my old column " Hunts, Lies, and Video Tape" for our SCI Houston newsletter. I had...