DATE: October 9-10, 2021
LOCATION: 937 Club Side Drive, East Bernard, TX
Meet at the Dos Patos Outfitters Lodge next to Honker’s Sporting Goods

HOSTS: Austin Logan of Dos Patos Outfitters and Honker’s Sporting Goods



Every fall over 400,000 plus dove hunters hit the fields in Texas attempting to take their fair share of the 50 million-plus or minus population of morning doves. Add the opportunity for white wing dove shooting and the no-limit of Eurasian doves and this fall sets up the opportunity for a banner season. The wet weather has fields lush with vegetation and promises to hold a huge population of doves barring a hurricane or tropical storm that could change the hunting situation. We are bullish on this dove season!

Many hunters like myself use dove season as an excuse to go to the deer lease ahead of deer season, shoot a few birds, fill feeders, and scout for deer ahead of opening day. It also gives us an excuse to bbq, sit around an early fall campfire with our hunting buddies telling hunting stories with a cold pop in hand.

Others use dove season as a way to begin their shotgunning season and to prepare for teal, big duck, goose season, or even quail and pheasant season in some parts of Texas and get serious about dove hunting.

Whatever your reason it’s a great reason to hit the outdoors and hang with hunting friends and family. It is also a great way to introduce the youth to the outdoors.

Years back I started a tradition on my youngest son’s birthday. I’d take him and some of his buddies and their dads on a dove hunt. It evolved into a duel event with SCI Houston Chapter members joining in. Those were great memories.

If you and your guests would like to join the SCI Board on Saturday, October 9-10 give me a call or shoot me an email. We have several options for your hunting pleasure. You can hunt a half-day for $60 or a full day for $100. There are hotels nearby if you would like to spend the night.

The board will hunt Saturday 10/9 evening and Sunday 10/10 morning. Additional hunts may be added.